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Are you looking for home in Marbella? MYT Real Estate is your real estate agency that will help you find what you need. We have extensive experience and we put it at your disposal.

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You will have a real estate agent in Marbella who will take care of answering any questions you may have.

We specialize in different types of luxury homes, such as villas, luxury chalets
A group of professionals will join forces to help you find your desired home.

Get to know Marbella

Marbella is a privileged city that is located on the Costa del Sol, in the southern part of Spain. It is characterized by its 27 kilometers of sandy beaches, golf courses, villas, hotels, the famous Banús marina, sophisticated fashion shops and much more.

Many people come here to spend their vacations and fall in love with the environment. This is how they make the decision to live or invest in Marbella.

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Specialists in luxury homes

Find exactly what you need

To make your search as easy as possible, we have created a search engine from which you can apply the desired criteria to locate the property. You can search by location, by type of home (for example, house, country estate, commercial, apartment, or villa), by price, and much more.

Know all the details before deciding on the house

In our real estate in Marbella we want you to have everything clear before making the investment. For this reason, in each of the tabs of our properties we have added the greatest amount of detail.

In a list format you will be able to know the generic characteristics of the house, such as the number of rooms and bathrooms it has, the size, whether or not it has swimming pools and a garage, you will even have a map to know the situation of the house in more detail.

Specialists in various services

We not only help you find the property of your dreams, but also to sell it and get the best possible price.

Today there are so many references to owned houses that it is not always easy to get the one we are looking for to really reach the eyes of a potential future buyer. A good diffusion and promotion is needed to make the sale a reality.

From MYT Real Estate Marbella we also sell your property. We incorporate the property for sale on our portal, thus increasing the possibilities of sale.

Of course, from our real estate agency in Marbella we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch and we will advise you with what you need.